How will the changes to the Privacy Act coming in 2014 affect borrowers?

By | December 3rd, 2013|Consumer, Industry News|

Recently I was asked to participate on a panel of finance and credit experts, answering consumer questions on aspects of [...]

Australians on ‘credit-collision course’ without better education.

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Media Release Australians on 'credit-collision course' without better education. 15 October 2013 A consumer advocate for accurate credit reporting hopes [...]

How will open credit scores impact Australians?

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Credit reporting agency Veda Advantage has just announced it will allow consumers to receive a copy of their credit score [...]

Veda credit scores: mystery still surrounds calculation

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Press Release Veda credit scores: mystery still surrounds calculation. 2 October 2013 The decision by Veda Advantage to offer credit [...]

Experian plans to enter Australian credit reporting – good news or bad?

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A newly formed credit reporting agency is set to change the nature of credit reporting in Australia. UK credit reporting [...]