Have Bad Credit? A bad credit loan is not your only option.

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For someone who is locked out of mainstream credit because of their credit rating, their finance options become limited. But [...]

Found your special someone this Valentine’s Day? 7 tips for joining finances

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Money: The Top 4 Relationship Busters

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The risks you’re taking with credit this Christmas that could see you left without a home

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Media Release The risks you’re taking with credit this Christmas that could see you left without a home A consumer [...]

Credit Repair Guide – Consumer Advocate Graham Doessel Answers Your Questions About Fixing Bad Credit

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Credit repair is still a relatively unknown profession outside of the finance industry. It is often not until a person [...]

5 things every young person needs to know about credit

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It's back to school for most teenagers in Australia. Here is a lesson you might not learn there...Just because you [...]

How to improve your credit score: what to do when you have a bad credit history

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Help for frustrated Australians who find out they have a bad credit rating. By GRAHAM DOESSEL - CEO and founder of [...]

How to keep your credit rating healthy

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7 ways to keep a squeaky clean credit file and get that home loan or finance.... By Graham Doessel. Many [...]

First home buyers missing key step to finance approval

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Media Release 23 November 2011 First home buyers are dipping their feet into the market again – a drop in interest [...]

The Christmas credit risks you need to know about

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5 Reasons why the Christmas season is the time you are most at risk of damaging your credit rating As [...]

7 ways to improve your credit rating in Australia

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There are countless pieces of advice available to people out there, aimed at offering to ‘improve your credit rating’ or [...]

Found a better home loan? Check your credit file before applying to refinance

By | August 29th, 2011|Broker, Consumer, Industry News, media releases, Press Releases|

Media Release 25 August 2011 Home owners refinancing in the wake of the government’s scrapping of home loan exit fees [...]

Australians are reigning in their debts and focusing on home ownership

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Recent information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that Australians are putting the focus back on to borrowing for [...]

Consumer debt reduction: Watch out for new bank fees

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Our last blog post was about debt struggles and solutions –and how people can protect their credit file. Featured in [...]

Consumer debt struggles and solutions

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A recent survey revealed that about one in three Australians said they will struggle to repay their debts in the [...]

Caught affluenza? How it can affect your credit rating health

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Affluenza is a disease of the 21st Century that can make us sick, and it can make our credit file [...]